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The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) is available for the following countries:

Afghanistan (F) Egypt Libya (F) Rwanda
Algeria Eritrea (F) Madagascar (F) Sierra Leone (F)
Angola Ethiopia Malawi Sao Tome and Principe
Armenia Gambia (F) Mali (F) Senegal
Bangladesh Georgia Moldova Somalia (F)
Benin Ghana Mongolia South Africa
Bhutan Guatemala Morocco South Sudan (F)
Bolivia Guinea Mozambique Sri Lanka
Burkina Faso Haïti (F) Myanmar (F) Suriname
Burundi (F) India Nepal Tanzania
Cambodia Indonesia Nicaragua Togo (F)
Cape Verde Jordan Niger Tunisia
Chad (F) Kenya Nigeria Uganda
Colombia Kosovo (F) Pakistan Vietnam
Côte d'Ivoire (F) Laos Palestinian Territories (F) Yemen (F)
Democratic Republic of Congo (F) Lebanon (F) Peru Zambia
Djibouti Liberia (F) Philippines Zimbabwe (F)

As of 1 January 2017, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, the Maldives and Thailand have been removed from the list of DGGF countries. If you wish to invest in one of these countries and you want to receive financing, the Dutch Trade and Investment Fund (DTIF) is available for all countries not featured in the list of DGGF countries, with the exception of the Netherlands and countries facing sanctions.

Countries marked with an 'F' are countries affected by fragility.  The DGGF uses the World Bank definition (pdf) for fragile countries.