Do I qualify? Exporting Dutch SMEs

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Man operating cotton press, DGGF project, cotton mill in Ghana

To qualify for the DGGF, you must comply with at least the following conditions:


  • You must have a Dutch-registered business that carries out substantial activities in the Netherlands.
  • You must be an SME (according to the European definition).
  • You must comply with the ICSR framework for international corporate social responsibility.

Export transactions

  • The export must concern capital goods.
  • You and your customer must be continuing businesses with sufficient financial means to repay the financial support. The DGGF finances viable transactions only.
  • The goods you export must contribute to the DGGF country’s sustainable economic development. This means that you must contribute to local employment, production capacity and/or knowledge transfer.
  • If a project has potentially substantial harmful environmental or social impacts, it will be assessed against the IFC Performance Standards.

Export credit insurance

  • Cost-based premium.
  • Maximum cover of €15 million.

Direct financing

  • Under certain conditions a customer in a DGGF country can receive up to € 5 million from the DGGF. This is a possibility if the customers' bank will not provide financial support.
  • Financing contracts are concluded on the basis of suppliers’ credit in combination with export credit insurance.


If you comply with the DGGF conditions and think your project is eligible, then complete the eligibility screening tool 'Quickscan' for your project idea.

Not suitable for DGGF yet?

Not all projects are suitable for financial assistance from the DGGF. Another scheme might be more appropriate for your project:

  • If you first wish to learn more about a local market or a project’s feasibility, you might be eligible for the DHK scheme (in Dutch) (demonstration projects, feasibility studies and knowledge acquisition).
  • Are you looking for a business partner in a developing country? The MMF matchmaking facility brings businesses in developing countries in touch, at their request, with businesses in the Netherlands in order to strengthen business ties and potential alliances.