Investing Dutch SMEs

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Entrepreneurs doing business in emerging markets and developing countries, often have a great contribution to economic and social improvements in these countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages this.

It can be difficult to get the funding for these projects. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages your good initiatives. Therefore, the  Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) supports Dutch SMEs doing business with developing countries and emerging markets with customized services.

Loans, guarantees and participations

If you want to invest in one of the DGGF-countries but cannot get financial backing from your bank, you can apply with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( for financial support up to €10 million. The DGGF part Investing Dutch SMEs supplements private investments by means of guarantees and direct financing with a repayment obligation, such as loans and equity investments in projects. Its financial support can be tailored to your circumstances.

More information

Video Investing in Ethiopia with a DGGF Loan