Do I qualify? Investment funds local SMEs

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Woman operating espresso machine, Corner Bakery, DGGF project in Kenya, GroFin Small and Growing Business (SGB) Fund

To qualify for direct financing from the DGGF, you must comply with at least the following conditions.


  • You must represent an investment fund that aims to increase access to finance for SMEs in developing countries and emerging markets.
  • Your fund must be aimed at providing finance to local SMEs in one or more of the DGGF countries.
  • You must comply with the ICSR framework for international corporate social responsibility.
  • Your initiative must complement the existing financial market. The DGGF focuses on segments that are not or poorly served by the market and on financing forms that are rarely if ever provided.
  • Specific attention is paid to investment funds that invest in young entrepreneurs (no older than 35), in female entrepreneurs and/or entrepreneurs in fragile states. In addition, investment funds are required to contribute to employment, the sustainable transfer of knowledge, skills and technologies and/or increasing production capacity.
  • You must not avoid paying taxes, i.e. you must not use artificial structures to reduce the taxes payable in developing countries.
  • You must be willing to explain and account for your tax policy publicly.
  • You report or you be willing to report your tax burden. You have established or you be willing to establish minimal tax governance processes.
  • You file all tax returns and you comply with all other tax obligations,
  • You require local entrepreneurs to comply with tax laws and you monitor their compliance.
  • You be willing to participate in an annual tax training course.
  • Your fund must be established in a country that has at least a ‘largely compliant’ status regarding the exchange of information for tax purposes, or, if your fund’s home country does not have largely compliant status, it must invest only in SMEs established in the same country and exchange information in accordance with the investment agreement (see table 2 on the Global Forum list of ratings (pdf), OECD).
  • The country in which your fund is established must have and implement effective AML (anti-money laundering) laws. The home country may not feature on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) list.

The brochure Dutch Good Growth Fund - Part: Financing Local SMEs provides more information on the criteria investment funds must satisfy to be eligible for this DGGF part.


If you qualify for the DGGF conditions, then complete the eligibility screening tool 'Quickscan' for your investment proposition and send the results to the PwC/Triple Jump consortium. Questions? Please contact PwC and Triple Jump.