Suggestions and complaints

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Two women at work in cut flower greenhouse, DGGF pilot project in Ethiopia

Suggestions and well-founded complaints are very important to our organisation. They give us insight into how we can improve our services.

We therefore treat suggestions and complaints with the attention they deserve.

General suggestions and complaints about the DGGF-services 

Do you have a general suggestion or a well founded complaint about the services provided under the DGGF? Please fill in the digital form from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( will decide which administering body is in the best position to deal with a particular complaint or suggestion. Each administrator has its own complaints procedure to ensure that complaints are dealt with correctly. We deal with complaints quickly and appropriately and communicate clearly with the people making them.

Project-related complaints

The DGGF’s administering bodies aim to contribute to sustainable inclusive development through trade and investments. We are aware that development can have both positive and negative consequences for local communities and their ecosystems. We are fully committed to ensure that the fund does not have unacceptable environmental or social consequences, by conducting environmental and social impact assessments wherever relevant. Developments that are nonetheless perceived to be harmful by individuals, civil society organisations or businesses should be reported to the National Contact Point (NCP). The NCP will help find a solution that prevents escalation and reputational damage. The NCP helps parties resolve their disputes, for example through mediation by the NCP itself or a third party. Project-related complaints can be made to the NCP’s secretariat by post or email.