Suggestions and complaints

Any suggestions or substantiated complaints that you may have are very valuable to our organisation. They could very well provide insight into possible improvements that can be made to our service.

As a result, we find it of the utmost importance to deal carefully with any suggestions or complaints.

General suggestions and complaints about DGGF-related services

Do you have a general suggestion or complaint about the service provided in relation to the DGGF? In that case, please submit it to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( digitally. will establish which of the administrators is best suited to deal with the suggestion or complaint. Each administrator has its own complaints procedure to ensure that any complaints are dealt with carefully. We make every effort to deal with any complaints quickly and effectively, and to communicate clearly with you about this topic.

Project-related complaints

The administrators of the DGGF seek positive results in the field of inclusive sustainable development, using financial instruments for trade and investment. As we are aware, such development may have both positive and negative effects for local communities as well as their ecological living environment.

We make every attempt to ensure that the instrument does not have unacceptable environmental and social impact. To this end, an environmental and social assessment of the project is conducted wherever relevant. However, if you still experience a development to be negative, please report this matter to the National Contact Point (NCP).

The NCP can help in finding a solution that could prevent escalation and reputational damage. This contact point will assist the parties involved to find a mutual solution to their dispute; for example, through the mediation of the NCP or via a third party. Please submit your project-related complaint to the NCP secretariat. You can do so by post or by email.