Buxeros Capital

Buxeros Capital still has budget to invest at this moment.

Buxeros Capital is a public-private fund for Dutch entrepreneurs in emerging markets. The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) has invested in Buxeros Capital by doubling the amount of investment by private shareholders in the fund via a 6-million-euro loan. As a result of the extra investment, Buxeros is able to help more Dutch and local companies expand.

Does your business operate in emerging countries? If so, you could benefit from the services of private equity fund Buxeros Capital. Buxeros Capital is a public-private social impact investment fund which assists SMEs in 70 countries. It specialises in SMEs which have a positive impact on local economies while adhering to international corporate social responsibility guidelines

Who can apply to Buxeros Capital?

Does your company:

  • have a strong experienced team
  • carry out economically and commercially viable projects
  • meet to OECD Guidelines and IFC Performance Standards

Then Buxeros Capital could invest upwards of €100.000 in your company. Potential projects are assessed on the basis of their economic and commercial viability as well as their local impact. External experts are consulted on ESG issues, while in-house experts review the due diligence, selection and transaction execution.

Investment in emerging markets in Latin America and Africa

In addition to capital, the fund can provide your company with practical experience and network access. Investments often lead to additional (public and/or private) funding, enabling your business to scale up its activities. This in turn boosts the local economy and results in more employment, improved labour force skills and higher production rates, as well as a better return your company.

The Dutch Good Growth Fund is a programme commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Buxeros draws on the expertise of investors and government agencies which pro-actively enable SMEs to enter emerging markets, in particular in Latin America and Africa, when banks and other investors are reluctant to participate. In order to reach these markets the firm has offices in Johannesburg (South Africa) and Bogota (Colombia) as well as its head office in the Netherlands.

Interested in funding from Buxeros Capital?

Buxeros Capital has already financed a number of transactions and is constantly on the look-out for new projects in order to bring products to new markets or develop products in emerging economies. If you are interested in expanding your business in an emerging market and are having difficulty funding your project, contact Buxeros Capital.