DGGF for Starters

Do you have a new product for a DGGF country? Or do you want to import from a DGGF country? Securing financial backing can be difficult. However, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency can provide the financial support you need!

DGGF offers various financing instruments for start-up businesses. The most important features are:

  • starters who want to import a new or existing product from a DGGF country;
  • starters who want to produce a new or existing product in a DGGF country.

See the DGGF country list.

What is it exactly?

DGGF offers various financing instruments for start-up businesses. The most important features are:

  • You can borrow up to 600,000 Euros. The actual amount will be determined based on the financing instrument and your business case.

  • low 3% interest on an annual basis.

  • grace period is negiotiable when the business case demands it.

  • DGGF can finance up to 80% of the investments and expenses.

  • the remaining part must be contributed as equity capital, including a substantial financial commitment by key management.


You must qualify for the following conditions:

  • You must have a robust business plan with substantiated financial forecasts.
  • You must have a very favourable market potential and an experienced team that is able to build the business and develop and market the product.
  • You must generate local impact: contribute to local employment, knowledge transfer and/or production capacity.
  • The business must be less than 5 years old (Chamber of Commerce registration).
  • Your company’s shareholders with more than 25% in shares, must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce for less than 5 years.

  • The business must be Dutch-registered and must meet the substance requirements of the Tax and Customs Administration.
  • The business must control a (local) operating company in the DGGF country.
  • The business must employ < 50 persons.
  • Annual revenue or total assets of < €10 million.
  • You must meet the RVO requirements regarding international corporate social responsibility.

Applying for a DGGF loan

Do you meet the conditions above? Then you may be eligible for a DGGF loan.

Please fill in the Quickscan.

An expert from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency will contact you regarding your application.

Why DGGF for Starters?

The Dutch government is committed to stimulate Dutch enterprises in doing business in developing countries and emerging markets. By creating jobs in those countries, sharing our knowledge and improving production processes, we ensure stimulation of the local economy.