Technical assistance for Dutch entrepreneurs

Do you want to expand your activities in developing countries? The Dutch Good Growth Fund Technical Assistance (TA) provides additional support to businesses which embark on investment or export projects in developing countries.

What are the possibilities?

TA supports established entrepreneurs and starters and is available in all 70 DGGF countries.

It serves 2 purposes for the DGGF finance:

  • To minimise the risk of DGGF finance.
  • To boost the development cooperation impact of investments, so that they have greater success rates in terms of local employment, higher production and capacity and better transfer of knowledge.

Customised Technical Assistance

We apply Technical Assistance in a way that meets the needs of the entrepreneur. In doing so we take the scale of the investment or financial scheme  into account as well as the type of parties involved. In other words we provide customised Technical Assistance.

We differentiate between the different stages in which a company finds itself. Thus we provide Technical Assistance as:

  • Early stage assistance prior to DGGF financing, for instance for market validation of investment preparation; or as
  • Technical assistance parallel to DGGF financing while the investment is being rolled out.

Technical Assistance can be used for investment in a DGGF country (assets and working capital) and for import from a DGGF country: Supply Chain Finance. It is available to starters as well as established companies.

Come and talk to us

Every company is different and starting a business in a DGGF country is a challenge. That is why we want to personally discuss your plans.

For more information about Technical Assistance or an appointment over the phone, please email us.