Handy interactive tool for international financing or export credit insurance

Are you an entrepreneur in search of financing for imports, exports or foreign investments? Or do you need export insurance? Our new tool allows both you and your financial adviser to learn within 5 minutes whether your application for financing or export credit insurance is viable.

Online tool for entrepreneurs

This "Regulation assistant tool for international business financing and insurance" is an interactive, online tool intended for entrepreneurs with plans to import, export, invest or expand abroad. The tool comprises around 8 questions.

Financing for international business

It can often prove difficult to secure financing for activities abroad. The central government encourages international ambitions, as they increase the strength of the Dutch economy. In addition, trade with and investment in developing countries ensures that local economies grow. As a result, countries will become less dependent on development funding.

Do the check now!

Do you have plans to export, invest or expand abroad? Or do you need export insurance? The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) and the Dutch Trade and Investment Fund (DTIF) support Dutch entrepreneurs in such endeavours with financing and export credit insurance. Check whether your plans are eligible for financing from the Dutch government.