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Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transactions - dairy factory - Uganda

Export credit insurance of an export transaction from a Dutch exporter that involves discounting of bills of exchange and ...

Publication | 24-02-2021

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transactions - toilet paper factory - Ghana

A Dutch company plans to invest in the set-up of a toilet paper factory in Ghana, together with its local daughter. The paper ...

Publication | 24-02-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - peanut oil - Gambia

The proposed transaction is the turnkey delivery of a new peanut oil plant to a private buyer in The Gambia. Prior to delivery, ...

Publication | 18-02-2021

Creating impact in frontier markets

Video | 18-02-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transactions - botteld water - Cape Verde

The proposed transaction involves the delivery of a factory for the production of bottled water.

Publication | 17-02-2021

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - consumer goods - Senegal

This Dutch entrepreneur is planning, through vertical integration, to expand his Dutch activities to Senegal. Through his ...

Publication | 17-02-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Transaction - Energy kits - Democratic Republic of Congo

The transaction concerns the delivery of 1,500 'Rural Spark Energy Kits' and the provision of training courses. This concerns a ...

Publication | 15-02-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Transaction - Solar system - Nigeria

The transaction concerns the delivery of 24 off-grid solar energy systems. In addition, services are provided in the form of ...

Publication | 11-02-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs Proposed transaction Energy kits Niger

The transaction involves the delivery of Energy Kits. The energy kits have a solar panel, battery and the possibility to connect ...

Publication | 09-02-2021

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - fiber - India

The investment will be done by a Dutch company with a subsidiary in India active in Fiber-to-the-home equipment. Due to the ...

Publication | 08-02-2021