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Complaints procedure Atradius Dutch State Business

Guidelines for submitting a complaint to Atradius Dutch State Business about DGGF - Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs.

Publication | 09-11-2020

Webinar Supply Chain

Report | 06-11-2020

Enabling youth entrepreneurs in Africa

GoodsMart in Egypt delivers quality food from several providers to people's homes. This saves people the hassle of going to the ...

Video | 21-10-2020

Investment funds in local SMEs - Transaction - Badia Impact Fund

Badia Impact Squared (BIF II) will provide early and growth stage capital to SMEs deemed to have high growth potential in Middle ...

Publication | 21-10-2020

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Proposed transaction - Delivery of a vacuum truck for industrial cleaning - India

The transaction involves the delivery of a vacuum truck for industrial cleaning to a buyer in India. The buyer is a private ...

Publication | 13-10-2020

DGGF Impact Newsletter Q3 2020

The DGGF Impact Newsletter updates you on portfolio highlights, impact results for gender equality and DGGF in action. This ...

Newsletter | 30-09-2020

Investment fund in local SMEs - transaction - ARF III

ARF II is a 10 year closed-end investment fund focussing on providing loans to small and medium size enterprises across the DRC, ...

Publication | 28-09-2020

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - Innovative algae production facility - India

A Dutch company plans to invest in the development of an innovative algae production facility, together with their local daughter ...

Publication | 28-09-2020

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - Expansion of a macadamia farm - Mozambique

A Dutch company owns a Macadamia farm in Mozambique wishes to expand the Macadmia orchards. For this expansion a loan is ...

Publication | 28-09-2020

Exporting Dutch Entrepreneurs - Proposed Transaction - Lollipop machines - South Africa

This transaction involves the delivery of a packing machine to a production facility in South Africa. This machine will help with ...

Publication | 28-09-2020