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Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Textile Industry Morroco

The investor is an internationally active Dutch SME that wants to expand its productions facility in Morroco. RVO intends to...

Publication | 12-12-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Cold storage facility in Kenya

A Dutch SME wants to establish a cold storage facility with logistical services in Nairobi Kenia. This will lead to an ...

Publication | 16-08-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Seed multiplication in Tanzania

With a loan from DGGF and a co-financing from the investors, the entrepreneurs will set up a company in Tanzania to produce ...

Publication | 16-08-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Wholesale of spare parts for heavy duty vehicles

The investor is a Dutch SME company, with a longtime track record in the international distribution of spare parts for heavy ...

Publication | 14-08-2018

Asia Business Builders I (ABB I)

ABB I focuses on providing risk capital to small and medium-sized growing businesses in Vietnam.

Publication | 13-08-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Expansion of Cinchona project - Madagascar

A Dutch SME and its local partner want to invest in a cinchona project in Madagascar.

Publication | 10-08-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Flowers in Ethiopia

This Dutch SME has been active in the international floriculture sector for several years. The company wants to start a new ...

Publication | 03-08-2018

Investing funds in local SME- proposed transactions - LOLC Myanmar

LOLC Myanmar is a microfinance institution registered in 2013 with the Central Bank of Myanmar. LOLC Myanmar has 31 branches ...

Publication | 31-07-2018

Investing funds in local SME- proposed transactions - Azur Innovation Fund

Azur Innovation will be a public/private equity fund aimed at investing and developing innovative start-ups and early stage ...

Publication | 31-07-2018

Exporting Dutch SME - proposed transaction - Delivery of simulators South Africa

The transaction includes the delivery of simulators.

Publication | 30-07-2018