Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - consumer goods - Senegal

This Dutch entrepreneur is planning, through vertical integration, to expand his Dutch activities to Senegal. Through his Senegalese subsidiary, the activities will consist of purchase, storage, repackaging and selling of fast moving consumer goods among others dairy products, coffee, tea and sugar. Partly for the local market and partly for the export to the surrounding countries. By doing this the company extends its product range in existing African and adjacent markets. Besides that she will be able to best achieve her objectives in a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable manner.

The estimated impact of this investment will be the creation of 35-40 jobs, of which approximately 40% will be female. Besides that all employees will be skilled on-the-job.

DGGF is planning, together with the bank, to finance this company, which gives them the opportunity to realize their expansion and the impact.