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Exporting NL SME Transactions Dredger Ivory Coast

This transaction concerns the delivery of a dredger to Ivory Coast.

Publication | 19-03-2019

Exporting Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Food processing machines in Guinea

The Dutch exporter GEA Food solutions will sell processing and packaging machines for a total amount of € 1.295.289 lollipop to ...

Publication | 28-11-2018

Exporting Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Hatchery Zimbabwe

The transaction concerns the delivery of incubators, ventilation systems and a cooling machine including the projectmanagement, ...

Publication | 28-11-2018

Exporting Dutch SME - Transaction - Electrical power tools India

The transaction concerns the supply of power tools, including coaching and training.

Publication | 29-06-2018

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Food processing equipment Kenya

The transaction involves the delivery of food processing equipment, including installation.

Publication | 07-02-2018

Exporting Dutch SMEs - Blood analyzers to a distributor in Vietnam

This transaction concerns the supply of fully automated analyzers for testing blood in preparation of a blood transfusion. These ...

Publication | 01-02-2018

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Delivery of greenhouse Nigeria

The transaction involves the delivery of a greenhouse for the production of a vegetables, Nigeria.

Publication | 16-01-2018

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Electrical power tools Vietnam

The delivery of electric tools to a distributor in Vietnam. Including the training of employees.

Publication | 19-10-2017

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Machinery voor chips Ethiopia

The transaction involves the investment in a new plant for processing of potatotes into chips into Ethiopia.

Publication | 28-07-2017

Exporting Dutch SME - Transaction - Fish processing plant Somalia

The transaction involves the delivery of a complete fish processing plant to a company in Somalia.

Publication | 10-07-2017

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