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Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Metal processing facility India

This Dutch family business, operating in the metal sector, is planning to expand her activities in India. This expansion will be ...

Publication | 22-01-2019

Investing Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Flowers - Ethiopia

Investment in a new production facility to start a new farm for flower production in Ethiopia.

Publication | 03-01-2019

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Textile Industry Morroco

The investor is an internationally active Dutch SME that wants to expand its productions facility in Morroco. RVO intends to ...

Publication | 12-12-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs Proposed transaction Sustainable Supply Chain Fund DGGF Sub Fund

Sustainable Supply Chain Fund DGGF Sub Fund is a new fund that will invest in Dutch SMEs that intend to expand and invest in one ...

Publication | 11-12-2018

Investing Dutch SME - proposed transaction - mobile phones DR Congo

The company is a Dutch telephone manufacturer of the world's first ethical and modular smartphone. The company started in 2013 ...

Publication | 26-11-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Cold storage facility in Kenya

A loan from DGGF and co-finance from Equity Bank Kenya has enabled BCS Kenya to realised cold storage and freezing rooms and the ...

Publication | 05-11-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Proposed Transaction - Datacentre Kenya

Dutch company wants to expand an existing datacentre in Accra Ghana and establish a new datacentre in Nairobi Kenya.

Publication | 12-10-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Quality assurance of products and services in Senegal

This Dutch entrepreneur is planning to expand part of his Dutch activities to Senegal. Through his Senegalese subsidiary, the ...

Publication | 09-10-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Expansion plant propagation company in South Africa

A Dutch SME company wants to expand its plant propagation company to improve the quality and quantity of the young plants ...

Publication | 16-08-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Seed multiplication in Tanzania

With a loan from DGGF and a co-financing from the investors, the entrepreneurs will set up a company in Tanzania to produce seeds ...

Publication | 16-08-2018