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Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Electrical power tools in India

The delivery of electric tools to (semi)professional usage to a distributor in india. Including the training of employees.

Publication | 19-05-2016

Exporting Dutch SME - Proposed transactions - Bakery Machine Nigeria

The transaction includes the delivery of bakery machinery, including installation and the sharing of knowledge.

Publication | 12-05-2016

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Home fragrance production Vietnam

Good Works Initiative has successfully launched a collection of premium home fragrances and handmade candles on the Benelux ...

Publication | 09-05-2016

First investment by African Rivers Fund (ARF)

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 9 May 2016

Publication | 09-05-2016

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Milkpowder Afghanistan

Delivery of milkpowder to a buyer in Kabul/ Afghanistan. The transaction concerns trade goods, not capital goods.

Publication | 23-03-2016

Investment fund local SME - Transactions - SC&BD - Financial Access Commerce & Trade Services (FACTS)

DGGF's SC&BD programme has committed a blended funding to support an innovative supply-chain financing platform for agri-SMEs in ...

Publication | 19-02-2016

Investment fund local SME - Transactions - Cambodia Laos Myanmar Development Fund II (CLMDF II)

CLMDF2 will invest growth capital into SMEs across a range of sectors which serve growing domestic markets or have potential for ...

Publication | 17-02-2016

Investment funds local SME - Transactions - African Rivers Fund

ARF will provide risk capital to sustainable growing and early stage SMEs in selected countries and industries across Central ...

Publication | 17-02-2016

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Fish processing facility in Ethiopia

The delivery of fish processing equipment, including cooling, process equipment and diesel generators, as well as management ...

Publication | 05-01-2016

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Cocoa Beans Ghana & Ivory Coast

With a DGGF guarantee of max. €1.020.000 and help from other parties in the chain, Tony's chocolonely will be able to purchase ...

Publication | 11-12-2015