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Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Setting up a shrimp farm Nigeria

At this moment the worldwide demand for high-quality shrimp is higher than the seas can provide. This DGGF transaction allows ...

Publication | 14-07-2015

Investment fund local SME - Transaction - Credo

Credo is the market leader in individual rural lending in Georgia and continues to expand its brach network in areas where it ...

Publication | 29-06-2015

Investment fund local SME - Transactions - Investment Fund for Health in Africa II (IFHA II)

IFHA II plans to offer private equity financing to SMEs in the health care sector in Africa.

Publication | 24-06-2015

Investment fund Local SME - Transactions - Aavishkaar Frontier Fund

Aavishkaar Frontier Fund (AFF) will offer equity and mezzanine financing to SMEs serving the low income population in some of the ...

Publication | 24-06-2015

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Ambulances in Mali IV

The delivery of 20 medical transport ambulances,medical equipment communication devises and training.

Publication | 13-05-2015

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Food processing equipment in India

Delivery of food processing equipment including commissioning.

Publication | 19-02-2015

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Bakery equipment in Mongolia

The transaction involves the delivery of equipment and ingredients to an existing bakery in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia.

Publication | 17-01-2015

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Blood analysis equipment Vietnam

The transaction involves the supply of fully automated analyzers for testing in preparation for blood transfusions to private ...

Publication | 01-01-2015