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Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Proposed transaction - Lollypop processing machines - Zambia

The transaction involves the delivery of three lollypop-processing machines in Zambia. The buyer is a private company in Zambia.

Publication | 10-01-2020

Investment funds in local SMEs - Transaction - SC&BD - Dakar Network Angels

DGGF’s Seed Capital and Business Development (SC&BD) facility now supports Dakar Network Angels (DNA) to improve access to ...

Publication | 09-01-2020

3rd Small-Cap SME Mezzanine Finance Masterclass

This executive training is dedicated to investment professionals currently deploying capital and looking to attune their product ...

Publication | 09-01-2020

Investment fund local SMEs - transaction - Raiz

DGGF’s funding will support Raiz to grow its small and medium enterprise portfolio. Raiz focuses on enterprises which are ...

Publication | 31-12-2019

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Transaction - Energy Kits - Senegal

This transaction concerns the delivery of 1,000 Energy Kits and the provision of training in Senegal.

Publication | 24-12-2019

Investment funds in local SMEs - Transaction - SC&BD - ARQ Capital - Philippines

DGGF’s Seed Capital & Business Development (SC&BD) facility invests in ARQ Capital (ARQ). A Philippines-based investment company ...

Publication | 24-12-2019

Investment funds local SMEs - Proposed transaction - Badia Impact Fund II

With this investment, DGGF will support an experienced fund manager with demonstrated impact to expand into to Egypt and ...

Publication | 20-12-2019

Exporting Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Modules for water purification

The transaction involves the delivery of membrane modules for the use of water purification.

Publication | 16-12-2019

Investment fund local SMEs - transaction - Azur

Azur Innovation will be a public/private equity fund aimed at investing and developing innovative start-ups and early stage ...

Publication | 12-12-2019

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - Proposed transaction - Health Network UGKE

A Dutch company is planning to expand its franchise network in the field of generic health products and related items in Uganda ...

Publication | 11-12-2019