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Investment funds for local SMEs - Transaction - SC&BD - H7

DGGF’s SCBD facility is supporting H7, the newly established entrepreneurial campus for young tech entrepreneurs in Casablanca, ...

Publication | 22-02-2019

Factsheet - Investment fund local SMEs

Factsheet on Intermediate financing of local SMEs.

Publication | 22-02-2019

Investment fund local SMEs - Criteria

This document provides you with information about the conditions your application should meet in order to be eligible for DGGF.

Publication | 22-02-2019

Exporting Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Land registration - Zambia

The transaction involves the delivery of a land registration project to the central government of Zambia.

Publication | 19-02-2019

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transaction - Seed multiplication - Moldova

DGGF supports investment Seed multiplication in Moldova.

Publication | 14-02-2019

Investing Dutch SMEs Transaction Fish farm Uganda

DGGF is planning to support an investment to realize a farm a Dutch company needs to invest in a new production facility in ...

Publication | 14-02-2019

Investisseurs & Partenaires announces the second closing of the fund I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs 2

The impact investing group Investisseurs & Partenaires carried out the intermediate closing of its fund I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs ...

Newsletter | 12-02-2019

Investing funds in local SME - Transaction - IPAE II Africa

IPAE II invests delibrately in small companies that are at or below the boundary of economic viability for private equity ...

Publication | 12-02-2019

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Metal processing facility India

This Dutch family business, operating in the metal sector, is planning to expand her activities in India. This expansion will be ...

Publication | 22-01-2019

Scaling access to finance for early-stage Enterprises in Emerging Markets: Lessons from the Field

The report seeks to explore how to improve the scalability and viability of early-stage finance provision. Thereby reducing the ...

Publication | 15-01-2019