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Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Proposed transaction - Solar energy systems - Liberia

The transaction involves the delivery of energy kits. The energy kits have a solar panel, battery and the possibility to connect ...

Publication | 15-09-2020

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Proposed transaction - Maintenance pump mill - Suriname

The transaction involves the delivery of parts, inspection and maintenance on a pump mill in Suriname.

Publication | 09-09-2020

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - Hatchery equipment - Ivory Coast

The transaction involves the delivery of hatchery equipment to a buyer in Ivory Coast. The buyer is a private company in Ivory ...

Publication | 02-09-2020

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - Service locations for trucks - Ghana

A Dutch company with a substantial track record in Western Africa wants to expand their activities in Ghana, Togo and Benin. In ...

Publication | 31-08-2020

FERM’s professional product range competes successfully

FERM is a Dutch power tool manufacturer that has been in operation since 1965. Most of FERM’s DIY tools are sold in the ...

Video | 21-08-2020

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - Coldstore - Ghana

A Dutch trader in frozen food is expanding with a coldstore in Ghana to provide an important Ghanaian buyer with additional cold ...

Publication | 17-08-2020

Investment funds in local SMEs - Transaction - Sanasa Development Bank

 Sanasa Development Bank (SDB) finances underserved SMEs in rural and semi-urban areas in Sri Lanka where the offer of financial ...

Publication | 24-07-2020

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - Transaction - Raspberries BlueBerries - Zimbabwe

With a DGGF starter financing ZMS b.v. will be able to set up a Raspberry and Blue Berry plant in Zimbabwe. Together with their ...

Publication | 10-07-2020

Investing Dutch SME - Proposed transaction - Cold storage Kenya

A Dutch SME wants to establish a cold storage facility with logistical services in Nairobi Kenya. This will lead to an estimated ...

Publication | 06-07-2020

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Flowers in Ethiopia

This Dutch SME has been active in the international floriculture sector for several years. The company wants to start a new ...

Publication | 06-07-2020