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Investing Dutch SME - Proposed transaction - Cold storage Kenya

A Dutch SME wants to establish a cold storage facility with logistical services in Nairobi Kenya. This will lead to an estimated ...

Publication | 03-07-2018

Investing funds local SME - Transactions - ACTB Savings and Loans Limited

DGGF’s Seed Capital and Business Development (SCBD) facility is financing ACTB Savings & Loans Limited, one of the first and ...

Publication | 03-07-2018

Closing the Gap Myanmar

The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF), in cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Myanmar, partners with Emerging Markets ...

Publication | 29-06-2018

Exporting Dutch SME - Transaction - Electrical power tools India

The transaction concerns the supply of power tools, including coaching and training.

Publication | 29-06-2018

Investing Dutch SME - proposed transaction - Flowers in Ethiopia

This Dutch SME has been active in the international floriculture sector for several years. The company wants to start a new ...

Publication | 20-06-2018

Investment fund local SMEs - Proposed transaction - Anthem II, Myanmar

Anthem II will focus on equity investments in SMEs in Myanmar. The Fund will invest in companies in a variety of sectors, ...

Publication | 13-06-2018

Conditions 'Incubation Ecosystem Support programme'

Publication | 01-06-2018

Conditions 'Early stage initiatives'

Publication | 01-06-2018

Investing Dutch SME - SME stories - Dutch entrepreneurs successful thanks to DGGF in Africa

27 January 2017 - The new edition of the NABC magazine contains an article about the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF). The NABC ...

Publication | 31-05-2018

Investment fund local SMEs - Pre-announcement - Novastar

NVAF II will invest equity in early stage businesses in Kenya and Nigeria, as well as other countries in East and West Africa ...

Publication | 31-05-2018