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Investing Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Solar Biomass Energy Systems - Cambodia

With this investment the (starting) entrepreneur will optimize its supply chain, production and sales of solar/biomass energy ...

Publication | 06-04-2019

Investing Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Purchase and sale of shoes - Ethiopia

The Dutch company is already active in the sale of shoes in Ethiopia in trading goods and wants to expand its operations.

Publication | 25-03-2019

Exporting Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Ventilation and storage equipment India

The transaction involves the delivery of ventilation and storage equipment for potatoes in India.

Publication | 22-03-2019

Exporting NL SME Transactions Dredger Ivory Coast

This transaction concerns the delivery of a dredger to Ivory Coast.

Publication | 19-03-2019

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Organic coconut oil Vietnam

A Dutch company intends to set up a production facility in Vietnam that will produce organic coconut oil.

Publication | 15-03-2019

Investment fund local SME - Transactions - Dolma Impact Fund I

Dolma Impact Fund I is the first international private equity fund focused purely on SMEs in Nepal, providing capital and ...

Publication | 15-03-2019

Investing Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - expansion production facility - Cambodia

DGGF is planning to support an investment in the expansion of a production facility in high quality microfiber products through a ...

Publication | 05-03-2019

Investing funds in local SMEs - Transaction - SCBD - Gemini - Liberia

DGGF’s Seed Capital and Business Development (SCBD) facility is financing the pilot of Gemini, an investment fund focused on ...

Publication | 01-03-2019

Exporting Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Cooling equipment - Ghana

The transaction involves the delivery of cooling equipment to a fishfarm and poultry hatchery in Ghana.

Publication | 25-02-2019

Investment funds for local SMEs - Transaction - SC&BD - H7

DGGF’s SCBD facility is supporting H7, the newly established entrepreneurial campus for young tech entrepreneurs in Casablanca, ...

Publication | 22-02-2019