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Exporting Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - delivery of an agricultural service & training center in Zambia

The transaction involves the delivery of an agricultural service & training center in Zambia. The buyer is the ministry of ...

Publication | 20-09-2019

EIP Levant Fund

The EIP Levant Fund is a first-time fund serving SMEs predominantly in Lebanon, as well as Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and other MENA ...

Publication | 06-09-2019

Exporting Dutch SMEs - Transaction - Delivery of electrical power tools to a distributor - India

This transaction involves the delivery of electrical power tools, for drilling and sawing, to a distributor in India. The tools ...

Publication | 06-09-2019

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Transaction- Delivery of pregnant heifers - Egypt

his transaction concerns the delivery of 1,500 registered pregnant Holstein Friesian heifers by Heemskerk B.V. to Multi Commerce ...

Publication | 06-09-2019

Serving the financial needs of women-owned businesses in emerging markets: Perspectives from the DGGF Portfolio

DGGF aims to foster innovative financing products and invest in specific target groups, i.e. entrepreneurs in fragile states, ...

Report | 02-08-2019

Investing funds in local SMEs - Proposed transaction - African Rivers Fund III

DGGF is one of the first investors committing to the First Close of the African Rivers Fund III. It will makes loans up to USD 5m ...

Publication | 30-07-2019

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transaction - Organic vegetable seed production Moldova

With a loan from DGGF, De Bolster Beheer B.V. will be enabled to realize its business investment plans and to expand the impact ...

Publication | 25-07-2019

Investment fund in local SMEs - Transaction - SC&BD - Rent to Own Zambia

Through the DGGF Seed Capital & Business Development facility (SC&BD) invested mezzanine capital in Rent to Own (RTO). RTO is a ...

Publication | 19-07-2019

Exporting NL SMEs - Proposed transaction - Delivery of 200 pregnant heifers Armenia

The transaction involves the delivery of two hundred pregnant heifers. In addition, there will be (more) trade in high-quality ...

Publication | 15-07-2019

Investment fund local SME - Transactions - SC&BD - Invest2Innovate Pakistan

DGGF's Seed Capital & Business Development (SC&BD) –facility is supporting the pilot phase of Invest2Innovate’s investment ...

Publication | 12-07-2019