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Investment fund in local SMEs - transaction - Ankur

Ankur Capital Fund II will provide capital to early stage businesses in India, many of which are underserved in terms of their ...

Publication | 08-04-2020

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - Proposed transaction - Storage facilities for commodities - Mozambique

A Dutch company with a substantial track record in Mozambique intends to build storage capacity for commodities in Mozambique.

Publication | 07-04-2020

DGGF Impact Newsletter Q1 2020

The DGGF Impact Newsletter updates you on the expected performance of the total portfolio, portfolio highlights and DGGF in ...

Newsletter | 31-03-2020

Investment fund local SMEs - transaction - SC&BD - Kiu

Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) provides venture debt to Kiu Global Limited (Kiu). This is an early-stage technology company aiming ...

Publication | 31-03-2020

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Proposed transaction - Delivery of Energy Kits - Mozambique

The transaction involves the delivery of Energy Kits in Mozambique.

Publication | 27-03-2020

Exporting Dutch Entrepreneurs - Factsheet

More information on DGGF Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs.

Publication | 11-03-2020

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - ICSR policy

More information on the ICSR policy for Exporting Dutch SME.

Publication | 11-03-2020

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - Proposed transaction – Responsible knitwear production - Madagascar

A Dutch knitwear producer with facilities in Madagascar invests in more efficient production and the use of renewable thermal ...

Publication | 20-02-2020

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - foil extruder line - Indonesia

A Dutch exporter wishes to realise the delivery of a film extruder line for the plastic packaging industry in Indonesia. DGGF ...

Publication | 13-02-2020

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Transaction - Turnkey fish processing line - Djibouti

The delivery by Weber Klimaattechniek concerns an expansion of the freezing capacity of an existing fish processing plant of the ...

Publication | 13-02-2020