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Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - delivery of Energy Kits - Mozambique

The transaction concerns the delivery of 2000 'Rural Spark Energy Kits' and the provision of training courses. The "energy kits" ...

Publication | 20-04-2021

DGGF Impact Newsletter Q1 2021

his DGGF Impact Newsletter edition covers our impact in fragile states and highlights our efforts in Liberia, the Palestinian ...

Publication | 15-04-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - packaging line - South Africa

The present transaction concerns the delivery of a PerfoTec 2 exit laser, the installation there of, and the provision of ...

Publication | 15-04-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transactions - recycling machines - India

The proposed transaction involves the delivery of machinery for the recycling of waste.

Publication | 12-04-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - hatchery equipment - Indonesia

Export credit insurance of an export transaction from a Dutch exporter. It involves the insurance and discounting of bills of ...

Publication | 31-03-2021

Mini-documentary about sustainable fashion label J LABEL

A mini-documentary about sustainable fashion company J Label. A company that stands for women's empowerment. With the help of RVO ...

Video | 24-03-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - extruder line - Indonesia

The transaction consists of the supply and installation of one foil extruder line for the plastic packaging industry as well as ...

Publication | 22-03-2021

Investment funds local SMEs - transaction - SC&BD - Toogueda

DGGF’s Seed Capital & Business Development (SC&BD) facility is supporting Tooguedab y providing mentoring support to strengthen ...

Publication | 18-03-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - solar energy fund

The transaction involves a framework agreement with a fund in the Netherlands. This fund will supply solar energy systems to ...

Publication | 16-03-2021

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Transaction - Solar systems - Somalia

Export credit insurance for a delivery of Solar-Systems in Somalia.

Publication | 11-03-2021