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  1. Financing local SMEs

    DGGF ‘Financing Local SMEs’ applies a unique ecosystem approach. This combines investments with capacity building and ecosystem ...

  2. DGGF Impact Newsletter Q1 2023

    DGGF Impact Newsletter update on Q1 2023 with articles and the latest news on DGGF’s key target groups: fragile states, youth and ...

    Newsletter | 18-01-2023

  3. DGGF Impact Report 2021

    The Dutch Good Growth Fund - Financing Local SMEs (DGGF) was established in 2014 and has since worked on furthering access to ...

    Report | 12-12-2022

  4. DGGF Impact Newsletter Q3 2022

    DGGF Impact Newsletter update on Q3 2022 with articles and the latest news on financing local SMEs.

    Newsletter | 10-10-2022

  5. DGGF Impact Newsletter Q2 2022

    Impact newsletter on the latest insights on Financing local SMEs from DGGF.

    Newsletter | 26-04-2022

  6. DGGF Impact Newsletter Q4 2021

    The DGGF Impact Newsletter updates you on the expected performance of the total portfolio, portfolio highlights and DGGF in ...

    Newsletter | 16-12-2021

  7. A Digital Transformation Journey in the Palestinian Territories

    NGO FATEN (Palestine for Credit and Development) entered the DGGF portfolio in 2017 and provides finance solutions for ...

    News item | 07-10-2021 | 12:08

  8. DGGF Impact Newsletter Q2 2021

    In this edition of the DGGF Impact Newsletter, we take a closer look at some fragile markets - such as the Palestinian ...

    Publication | 03-09-2021

  9. DGGF Impact Newsletter Q1 2021

    his DGGF Impact Newsletter edition covers our impact in fragile states and highlights our efforts in Liberia, the Palestinian ...

    Publication | 15-04-2021

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