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Investing in Kenya with a DGGF loan
DGGF invests in local funds
DGGF cooperates with banks in providing loans
Investing in Ethiopia with a DGGF Loan
DGGF bridges the financial gap for SMEs
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Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF)

If you need financial assistance to do business in an emerging market or a developing country, or if you represent an investment fund that invests in businesses in such countries, the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) can help you!

By providing finance and insurance through the DGGF-programme, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs creates the conditions to development related trade and investment in 68 countries.

Dutch SMEs

The DGGF provides customised finance to Dutch SMEs doing business in developing countries and emerging markets.

  • Investing
    Do you want to invest in one of the DGGF countries but cannot get finance from your bank? The DGGF part Investing Dutch SMEs supplements private investments by means of guarantees and direct financing with a repayment obligation, such as loans and equity investments in projects.
  • Exporting
    Do you want to export capital goods to one or more of the DGGF countries? The DGGF part Exporting Dutch SMEs provides export credit insurance and export financing.

Local SMEs

Do you manage an investment fund that aims to improve local SMEs’ access to finance? Learn more about the possibilities offered by the DGGF part Investment funds for local SMEs.