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  1. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - Investment Capital - ALEG II - Peru and Colombia

    The ALIVE Latin America Early Growth Fund (ALEG II) is an impact fund primarily active in Colombia and Peru. DGGF has committed ...

    Publication | 24-04-2023

  2. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - working capital finance - Colombia

    Proposed DGGF Starter loan for a Dutch company planning to invest in the export and import of sustainably produced green coffee ...

    Publication | 10-11-2022

  3. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - flower processing machines - Colombia

    The transaction involves the delivery of Flower Processing Machines to a private buyer in Colombia.

    Publication | 26-07-2021

  4. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - Andes Plus Fund (exited)

    APF is a mezzanine fund with a term of 10 years (closed-end). APF will invest in inclusive companies in the agricultural chain in ...

    Publication | 06-11-2020

  5. Investment fund in local SMEs - Transaction - Sempli Colombia

    As one of the first and largest digital lenders in Colombia, Sempli is pioneering innovative financial solutions for SMEs which ...

    Publication | 14-12-2018

  6. Investment funds for local SMEs - Transaction - ALEG

    ALEG focuses on investments that explicitly target the improvement of lives of smallholder farmers, people without access to ...

    Publication | 05-06-2018

  7. Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Pig farm and processing facility in Colombia

    A Dutch company has set up a pig farm with a local partner in Colombia. The company wants to expand its capacity, and set up a ...

    Publication | 08-12-2017

  8. Investment fund local SME - Transactions - Acumen Latin America Early Growth Fund LP (ALEG)

    ALEG will focus on early-stage investments in three subsectors: Agricultural, value chain businesses, education technology and ...

    Publication | 06-10-2017

  9. Investment fund local SME - Transactions - SC&BD - Sempli (Exited)

    DGGF’s Seed Capital and Business Development (SCBD) facility is supporting Sempli, a pioneer digital lender to SMEs in Colombia.

    Publication | 12-09-2017

  10. Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - ForestEffect Fund

    The strategy of ForestEffect is based on making investments in the food commodities sector with the purpose of improving the ...

    Publication | 28-06-2016

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