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  1. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - Sanadcom

    Sanadcom for Business Finance (Sanadcom of SC) was established in 2014 to provide financing to small and medium-sized enterprises ...

    Publication | 27-11-2023

  2. SHE Investments: Lessons From A Gender-Focused Entrepreneurship Incubator

    As the collaboration between SHE Investments and DGGF provides a valuable learning model on how an incubator can expand into ...

    Publication | 23-11-2023

  3. Investment funds in local SMEs - Proposed transaction - Bogd Bank

    Founded in 2014, Bogd Bank LLC is a Mongolian commercial bank headquartered in Ulaanbaatar and specialized in corporate, retail, ...

    Publication | 16-11-2023

  4. Deep Dive on inclusive growth

    A Deep Dive Study on DGGF’s Track 2 (Financing local SMEs) contributions to inclusive growth.

    Report | 11-09-2023

  5. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - SC&BD - NaiBAN - Kenya

    Nairobi Business Angel Network NaiBAN launched in April 2021 following the founders’ graduation from African Angel Academy NaiBAN ...

    Publication | 11-07-2023

  6. Digital Transformation for inclusion programme - Question and Answer

    Publication | 29-06-2023

  7. Report - Unlocking the Pipeline, MENA

    This insights report explores the key themes impacting the early-stage venture ecosystem in the Middle East and North Africa ...

    Report | 23-06-2023

  8. DGGF Inclusive Growth in DRC

    Inclusive growth is an important strategic priority for DGGF Financing local SMEs. By working with local partners that take ...

    Video | 20-06-2023

  9. Request for expression of interest - Digital Transformation for inclusion programme

    Publication | 14-06-2023

  10. Digital Transformation for Inclusion - Expression of Interest Template

    Publication | 14-06-2023