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Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Proposed transaction - Energy Kits - Democratic Republic of the Congo

The transaction involves the delivery of Energy Kits. The energy kits have a solar panel, battery and the possibility to connect ...

Publication | 16-06-2020

Investing funds in local SMEs - Proposed transaction - African Rivers Fund III

DGGF is one of the first investors committing to the First Close of the African Rivers Fund III. It will makes loans up to USD 5m ...

Publication | 30-07-2019

Investment fund local SME - Transactions - SC&BD - Kobo Hub Democratic Republic of Congo

DGGF’s Seed Capital and Business Development (SC&BD) facility is supporting Kobo Hub by providing mentoring support to ...

Publication | 16-05-2019

Investing funds in local SME - Transaction - IPAE II Africa

IPAE II invests delibrately in small companies that are at or below the boundary of economic viability for private equity ...

Publication | 12-02-2019

Investing Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Mobile phones - DR Congo

The company is a Dutch telephone manufacturer of the world's first ethical and modular smartphone. The company started in 2013 ...

Publication | 26-11-2018

XSML announces first close of African Rivers Fund at USD 45 million

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 9 May 2016 Today, XSML, the fund manager active in Central Africa, announced the first ...

Publication | 30-05-2018

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Hatchery in Congo I

The investment partners invest in a chicken farm in order to produce and sell eggs.

Publication | 01-12-2016

Exporting Dutch SME - Transactions - Hatchery in Congo II

The investment partners invest in a chicken farm in order to produce and sell eggs. Goal of the investment is the creation of a ...

Publication | 01-12-2016

Investment funds local SME - Transactions - African Rivers Fund

ARF will provide risk capital to sustainable growing and early stage SMEs in selected countries and industries across Central ...

Publication | 17-02-2016