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Investment fund local SMEs

Institution Office in Ghana?

Date of first commitment

Expected exit Committed amount (USD M)
Grofin Small and Growing Business (SGB) Fund Yes 01-03-2015 - 10.0
Oasis Africa Fund Yes 07-06-2016 - 8.0
Novastar Ventures East Africa Fund I No 26-03-2015 - 8.0
Investment Fund for Health in Africa II No 01-06-2015 Exited 12.0
Africa Food Security Fund (AFSF) Yes 14-09-2018 - 12.0
Novastar Ventures Africa Fund II (NVAF II) No 18-10-2018 - 15.0
IPAE II Yes 20-12-2018 - 8.0
Alitheia IDF Fund No 28-11-2019 - 7.0
Wangara Green Venture Capital (SC&BD) Yes 29-10-2021 Q4 2026 1.0
Atlantica Ventures Fund No 22-12-2021 - 8.0