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  1. Investment funds for local SMEs - Transaction - ALEG

    ALEG focuses on investments that explicitly target the improvement of lives of smallholder farmers, people without access to ...

    Publication | 05-06-2018

  2. Investment fund local SME - Transactions - Acumen Latin America Early Growth Fund LP (ALEG)

    ALEG will focus on early-stage investments in three subsectors: Agricultural, value chain businesses, education technology and ...

    Publication | 06-10-2017

  3. Investment fund local SME - Transactions - Genesis (exited)

    Genesis is an independent NGO founded in 1988, providing loans to microenterprises and SMEs.

    Publication | 25-09-2017

  4. Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Emerging Americas and Asia Investment Fund

    Buceros capital, manager of EAAIF, focuses on revenue generating companies with healthy management and a sound business strategy. ...

    Publication | 28-06-2016