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  1. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - SC&BD - Amam Ventures

    DGGF’s Seed Capital & Business Development (SC&BD) facility will provide pilot funding to Amam Ventures (Amam), Jordan’s first ...

    Publication | 05-03-2021

  2. Investment funds in local SMEs - Transaction - Badia Impact Fund

    Badia Impact Squared (BIF II) will provide early and growth stage capital to SMEs deemed to have high growth potential in Middle ...

    Publication | 21-10-2020

  3. EIP Levant Fund

    The EIP Levant Fund is a first-time fund serving SMEs predominantly in Lebanon, as well as Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and other MENA ...

    Publication | 06-09-2019

  4. Investment funds local SME - Press Release - DGGF increases support to small businesses in Jordan

    Publication | 02-05-2018

  5. Investment fund local SME - Transaction - SC&BD - Liwwa

    DGGF’s Seed Capital and Business Development (SCBD) facility is supporting Liwwa, Jordan’s first digital lender catered to small ...

    Publication | 02-05-2018

  6. Investment fund local SME - SME stories - GroFin Jordan

    Al-Minbar school opened in 2010. The demand was high and the school reached its full capacity quickly.

    Publication | 02-05-2018

  7. Investment fund local SME - Transaction - Sanadcom (Exited)

    Investment fund local SME, Transaction

    Publication | 26-07-2017

  8. Invesment fund local SME - Transactions - Grofin Jordan (Exited)

    GroFin Managers is one of the pioneers in Mezzanine SME financing in Africa and increasingly in the Middle East.

    Publication | 13-07-2016

  9. Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - ForestEffect Fund

    The strategy of ForestEffect is based on making investments in the food commodities sector with the purpose of improving the ...

    Publication | 28-06-2016