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Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Transaction - Off-grid solar system - Kenya

The transaction concerns the delivery of 1880 "Energy Kits" and the provision of training courses. The "energy kits" consist of a ...

Publication | 28-01-2021

Investing Dutch SME - Proposed transaction - Cold storage Kenya

A Dutch SME wants to establish a cold storage facility with logistical services in Nairobi Kenya. This will lead to an estimated ...

Publication | 06-07-2020

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - Last mile health network

The Healthy Entrepreneurs group (HE) is a social enterprise. HE has established a franchise network of micro Community Health ...

Publication | 19-05-2020

Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - Proposed transaction - Health Network UGKE

A Dutch company is planning to expand its franchise network in the field of generic health products and related items in Uganda ...

Publication | 11-12-2019

Exporting Dutch SMEs – proposed transaction - lollypop-processing and packaging machine - Kenya

The transaction involves the delivery of a lollypop processing and packaging machine in Kenya. The buyer is a private company in ...

Publication | 28-10-2019

Investing funds local SMEs - Transaction - SC&BD - AAHI Kakuma

DGGF’s Seed Capital and Business Development (SC&BD) facility is supporting Action Africa Help International (AAHI) to explore ...

Publication | 12-07-2019

Investing funds in local SME - Transaction - IPAE II Africa

IPAE II invests delibrately in small companies that are at or below the boundary of economic viability for private equity ...

Publication | 12-02-2019

Investment funds in local SMEs - Transaction - Novastar Ventures Africa Fund II (NVAF II)

Novastar Ventures Africa Fund II (NVAF II) will invest equity in early stage businesses in Kenya and Nigeria, as well as other ...

Publication | 05-11-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Cold storage facility in Kenya

A loan from DGGF and co-finance from Equity Bank Kenya has enabled BCS Kenya to realised cold storage and freezing rooms and the ...

Publication | 05-11-2018

Investing Dutch SMEs - Proposed Transaction - Datacentre - Kenya

Dutch company wants to expand an existing datacentre in Accra Ghana and establish a new datacentre in Nairobi Kenya.

Publication | 12-10-2018