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  1. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - delivery Energy Kits - Niger

    Transaction concerning the delivery of 1,400 'Energy Kits' (solar home systems) by Rural Spark to Mayaki Trading, Niamey in Niger ...

    Publication | 01-09-2022

  2. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - hospitals - Niger

    The transaction includes the delivery of two mobile hospital units including laboratory to the Ministry of Health of the Republic ...

    Publication | 16-09-2021

  3. Investing funds in local SME - Transaction - IPAE II Africa

    IPAE II invests delibrately in small companies that are at or below the boundary of economic viability for private equity ...

    Publication | 12-02-2019

  4. Investing funds in local SME - Transactions - SC&BD - CIPMEN Niger

    CIPMEN is the first business incubator in Niger that provides pre-incubation and incubation services to local entrepreneurs and ...

    Publication | 31-12-2018