DGGF Inclusive Growth in DRC

Inclusive growth is an important strategic priority for DGGF Financing local SMEs. By working with local partners that take calculated risks and offer innovative services in the most underserved places and to the most overlooked entrepreneurs, to contribute to inclusive growth. This video illustrates how DGGF Financing Local SMEs contributes to inclusive growth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo together with Kobo Hub and XSML’s African Rivers Fund.

Inclusive growth is economic growth that is distributed fairly across society and creates opportunities for all. This is a strategic priority for DGGF. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Nowadays, the youth are an asset for the development of a country. If we think about DRC, here youth represents 60% of the population. So youth can boost the economy of this country. Today we are going to visit Jess. He is a 33-year old entrepreneur, and is the founder of Kilubukila, it’s a company that produces traditional carpets. When he started his business, he faced several challenges. But today he has a business model that works and is profitable. Something interesting is that Jess was able to create a lot of job opportunities for women, and this is very inspiring for an ecosystem like ours. Agriculture is a field mainly led by men or where men are still more represented than women. With our investment for women in rural areas, we aim to support them but also to empower them. Good to know is that since 2019, when Yoda farm started, the number of female market gardeners increased a lot. In the beginning there were 15 women. Today there are 45 women working in our farm. One of the biggest problems women face when they want to embark on an entrepreneurial career is to be able to prove their credibility in an environment full of prejudices. So here I am at the First & Future call center. This is a family company and the management is in the hands of two women, Mrs. Annie and Mrs. Huguette. We have recently exited this investment, and we leave behind a well-established company, that is at least 10 times larger .than before. Before there were 20 employees and today we have more than 245 employees. With us, with the XSML capital, we not only offer financial support, but also support in strategy and operation. Inclusive finance; inclusive employment; inclusive products; inclusive growth.