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  1. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - working capital finance - Colombia

    Proposed DGGF Starter loan for a Dutch company planning to invest in the export and import of sustainably produced green coffee ...

    Publication | 10-11-2022

  2. Investment funds in local SMEs - proposed transaction - Omnivore Fund III - India

    Proposed DGGF transaction for Omnivore Fund 3, investing in early-stage technology-enabled agricultural businesses in India and ...

    Publication | 09-11-2022

  3. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - SC&BD - iungo Capital - East Africa

    DGGF transaction for iungo Capital to pilot an innovative co-investment model. In East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

    Publication | 03-11-2022

  4. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - SC&BD - Balloon Ventures - Uganda

    DGGF transaction for supporting Balloon Ventures to expand their operations in Uganda, helping Ugandan entrepreneurs to formalise ...

    Publication | 03-11-2022

  5. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - Coffee import - Peru

    Transaction in the form of a DGGF start-up loan for Dutch Cultivar Coffees B.V. to purchase high-quality coffee from small ...

    Publication | 02-11-2022

  6. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - solar park installations - Nigeria

    DGGF starter financing for NXT Grid B.V. thus being able to install 'off the grid' solar park installations together with the ...

    Publication | 01-11-2022

  7. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - silage production - Kenya

    DGGF startup loan for FIT Ned B.V. (FITNed) for increasing the silage production capacity and expand the existing supply through ...

    Publication | 31-10-2022

  8. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - safety monitoring - India

    DGGF provided Mobile Shutdown System International B.V. (MSSI) with a credit facility to do investments in safety monitoring ...

    Publication | 24-10-2022

  9. Investment funds in local SMEs – proposed transaction - Financial Inclusion Resilience Fund (FIRF)

    FIRF is a dedicated post-Covid-19 solution, providing subordinated debt to financial intermediaries serving MSMEs and low-income ...

    Publication | 17-10-2022

  10. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - spice production - Tanzania

    DGGF Starter financing to the Dutch company who is going to expand its spice processing facility in Tanzania together with its ...

    Publication | 17-10-2022