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  1. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - solar energy systems - Nigeria

    DGGF transaction for the delivery of solar energy systems by a Dutch exporter to a private buyer in Nigeria.

    Publication | 03-10-2022

  2. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - sustainable mobility - Kenya

    Proposed DGGF start-up loan to a Dutch company planning to invest in the expansion of their activities on sustainable mobility, ...

    Publication | 16-09-2022

  3. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - automatic housing system poultry hatchery - Iraq

    DGGF transaction for the furnishing of a broiler house in Iraq linked to the Bromaxx System leading to local employment.

    Publication | 01-09-2022

  4. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - ambulances and medical vehicles - Liberia

    Transaction by exporter Dutch Health supplying fifteen ambulances and fifteen other medical vehicles to the Ministry of Health of ...

    Publication | 01-09-2022

  5. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - delivery Energy Kits - Niger

    Transaction concerning the delivery of 1,400 'Energy Kits' (solar home systems) by Rural Spark to Mayaki Trading, Niamey in Niger ...

    Publication | 01-09-2022

  6. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - Expansion Health Network - Africa

    DGGF transaction for a Dutch company in primary health care aiming to expand its franchise network in the field of health ...

    Publication | 30-08-2022

  7. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - transction - delivery Energykits - Congo

    Transaction concerning the delivery of 4000 'Rural Spark Energykits' to Alternative Energy Technologies, Kinshasa, Congo. ...

    Publication | 25-08-2022

  8. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - Touristic lodge - Tanzania

    Transaction for DGGF start-up financing meant for Hakuna Matata Booking BV to open a touristic lodge for safari tourists in ...

    Publication | 19-08-2022

  9. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - Salkantay Exponential Fund - Peru

    DGGF transaction in the form of a loan to Salkantay Exponential Fund targeting at start-ups across the Pacific Alliance trade ...

    Publication | 19-08-2022

  10. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - ornamental plant cutting production - Ethiopia

    DGGF transaction for an investment by Selecta Holland B.V. which will be growing cuttings on a piece of land with a horticultural ...

    Publication | 16-08-2022