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  1. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - agricultural equipment - Uganda

    Proposed DGGF transaction for the delivery of agricultural equipment to a private buyer in Uganda.

    Publication | 15-02-2023

  2. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - assembly facility - Vietnam

    Investment by a Dutch company with a subsidiary in Vietnam, active in the electrical engineering, for a new assembly facility. ...

    Publication | 03-02-2023

  3. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Transaction - Hatchery equipment - Sudan

    The transaction involves the delivery of hatchery equipment to a buyer in Sudan.

    Publication | 02-02-2023

  4. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - Transaction - Maintenance pump mill - Suriname

    It concerns the delivery of various parts, inspection and maintenance to the irrigation pumping station in Wakay in Northwest ...

    Publication | 02-02-2023

  5. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - expansion company facilities - Cambodia

    With a loan from DGGF Pactics Group Holding BV will be able to expand its production facilities in Cambodia allowing for further ...

    Publication | 01-02-2023

  6. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - process and commercialize cashew nuts - Tanzania

    Proposed transaction for the financing of a Dutch company that plans to process and commercialize cashew nuts together with a ...

    Publication | 19-01-2023

  7. DGGF Impact Newsletter Q1 2023

    DGGF Impact Newsletter update on Q1 2023 with articles and the latest news on DGGF’s key target groups: fragile states, youth and ...

    Newsletter | 18-01-2023

  8. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - hybrid energy system - Nigeria

    The proposed DGGF transaction involves the delivery of a hybrid energy system in Nigeria by a Dutch exporter. Therefor an export ...

    Publication | 05-01-2023

  9. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - FATEN (renewal) - Palestinian Territories

    FATEN (Palestine for Credit & Development) is the leading microfinance institution (MFI) in the Palestinian Territories. DGGF's ...

    Publication | 20-12-2022

  10. Investing Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - Solar Park - Mali

    Proposed investment in a Dutch company, specialized in developing solar power energy, which is planning to construct a Solar Park ...

    Publication | 19-12-2022