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  1. SHE Cambodia: lessons from a gender-focused entrepreneurship incubator

    SHE Investments, founded in 2015 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is a pioneering social enterprise focused on narrowing the gender gap ...

    News item | 23-11-2023 | 07:58

  2. The ecosystem approach of DGGF: entrepreneurs need more than finance alone

    News item | 17-10-2023 | 15:05

  3. Thematic deep dive: why, how and to what extent does DGGF contribute to inclusive growth?

    The concept of inclusive growth is increasingly central to economic development due to rising economic inequality and its effects ...

    News item | 11-09-2023 | 09:00

  4. DGGF youth month: investing in education technology through Ankur

    For DGGF, fostering youth is important. Not only by supporting youth-led enterprises, but also by ensuring innovation in ...

    News item | 16-08-2023 | 10:43

  5. Positive reactions to the GLI bootcamp 2023: ‘The sessions were super insightful.’

    Access to financial capital for female entrepreneurs is one of the strategic priorities of the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF). In ...

    News item | 02-08-2023 | 22:03

  6. Digital Transformation for inclusion programme - Question and Answer

    News item | 29-06-2023 | 09:13

  7. Challenges and opportunities for the early-stage venture ecosystem in the MENA region

    In recent years, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has witnessed exponential growth in capital invested in ...

    News item | 23-06-2023 | 17:23

  8. DGGF Academy - Questions and Answers

    News item | 06-06-2023 | 13:25

  9. Supporting inclusive growth through the inclusive finance services of AB Bank Zambia

    Since their operations have started in October 2011, AB Bank Zambia has disbursed more than 140,000 business loans to Micro, ...

    News item | 27-05-2023 | 21:47

  10. Explained: Why and how ‘DGGF – Financing Local SMEs’ improves access to finance in frontier markets

    Explained: Why and how ‘DGGF – Financing Local SMEs’ improves access to finance in frontier markets

    News item | 28-04-2023 | 13:55