Seed Capital & Business Development

The Seed Capital and Business Development (SC&BD) budget of EUR 40m aims to further the impact of the investment services in 4 ways:

Early stage SME financing initiatives

Supporting early-stage SME finance initiatives that are of strategic interest for the DGGF, but too  young, small or risky for an investment to form part of the DGGF investment portfolio.

Supporting DGGF investment clients

DGGF investment clients can apply for technical assistance (TA) to strengthen their own capacity and operations or for business development services (BDS) to provide support to their investee SMEs and broader ecosystem. If needed, investment clients will be supported in bringing their TAX/ESG/Result measurement practices in line with DGGF standards.

Developing and sharing knowledge

Developing and sharing practice-based knowledge: by working with and learning from investees, co-investors and other field builders.

Incubation Ecosystem Support Programme

Developing entrepreneurial ecosystems by supporting local initiatives that provide quality and  affordable capacity-building services to young and first-time entrepreneurs in a sustainable way.

More information

Information for Service Providers & Partners

Local and international service providers may be contracted to undertake the above mentioned services. If you are interested in being included in our long list of bidders, please send your company brochure and areas of interest to with the subject line 'Service Provider'.