Intermediary investment funds

To increase local SMEs’ access to finance and improve the local financial ecosystem, DGGF ‘Financing Local SMEs’ invests in funds which then invest in businesses in  DGGF countries. DGGF increases its impact by investing in intermediary funds that have the relevant knowledge and networks to reach local SMEs.

Funds of funds mdoel

DGGF uses a ‘fund of funds’ model. This is made up of two distinct levels in the investment chain.

  1. DGGF invests in mainly locally operating, existing or new funds and financial intermediaries.
  2. These financial intermediaries then offer a range of customised financing products to SMEs. DGGF does not invest directly in SMEs.

For more information see the Factsheet Dutch Good Growth Fund (pdf)


Do you think your investment fund for local SMEs meets the conditions for DGGF support? Then please fill in the online Quickscan - Intermediate financing of local SMEs. Also check out the Conditions for qualification Investment funds local SMEs (pdf).  

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