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  1. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - SC&BD - Linea Capital - South Africa

    Southern African SMEs face the challenge of unavailable and collateral heavy debt and highly dilutive equity funding options to ...

    Publication | 07-04-2023

  2. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - Atlantica Ventures Fund I

    DGGF transaction for the Atlantica Ventures Fund I (AFVI) targeting tech-enabled companies across Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, ...

    Publication | 29-11-2022

  3. Investment funds in local SMEs - transaction - SC&BD - OceanHub Africa

    Transaction for DGGF's Seed Capital and Business Development facility (SC&BD) supporting OceanHub Africa (OHA).

    Publication | 09-08-2022

  4. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - transaction - packaging line - South Africa

    The present transaction concerns the delivery of a PerfoTec 2 exit laser, the installation there of, and the provision of ...

    Publication | 15-04-2021

  5. Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs - proposed transaction - packaging line - South Africa

    The transaction includes the delivery of a packaging line for fruit and vegetables to a private buyer in South Africa.

    Publication | 26-05-2020

  6. Investing Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Macadamia South Africa

    A Dutch company is planning to expand a farm in South Africa that produces and processes macadamia nuts. DGGF intends to grant ...

    Publication | 18-06-2019

  7. Investing Dutch SMEs - Proposed transaction - Expanding telecommunication application South Africa

    With this investment the (starting) entrepreneur will expand its South African operations, with a view to further expansion into ...

    Publication | 29-05-2019

  8. Investment funds in local SMEs - Transaction - Africa Food Security Fund (AFSF)

    The Africa Food Security Fund presents a unique opportunity to invest in SMEs in agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Publication | 05-11-2018

  9. Investing Dutch SMEs - Transactions - Expansion plant propagation company in South Africa

    A Dutch SME company wants to expand its plant propagation company to improve the quality and quantity of the young plants ...

    Publication | 16-08-2018

  10. Investment Dutch SME - proposed transaction - Plant propagation company South Africa

    Taking into account the provisions for governing bodies that apply under the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ (‘Wet openbaarheid van ...

    Publication | 30-05-2018

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