Dutch Good Growth Fund helps production of sustainable coffee

Dutch company Kinti Coffee works together with social coffee farmer federation Asprounión to support and improve the wellbeing of the coffee farming community. Knowledge and skills are used to produce and export sustainable coffee from one of Colombia's poorest regions. Finance from the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) helps entrepreneurs to produce Fair Trade coffee and increase the knowledge and skills of the farming community. With the help of the DGGF's so-called Technical Assistance, Kinti Coffee was, among other things, able to purchase 2 containers of green coffee beans.

Good tasting coffee

The market share of coffee pads is falling, while that of beans, cups and filter coffee is rising fast, which is good news for Kinti Coffee's business model. This company sells high-quality roasted specialty coffee under its own label, private label and under the label of the farmer's coorperative (La Jacoba). Kinti Coffee has opted to work with a forward-looking farmers' federation in Colombia, which it learnt about in 2016 through the export promotion programme of the Centre for the promotion of imports from developing countries (CBI). Through the DGGF-TA project, Kinti Coffee and Asprounión wants to realise inclusive trade with a positive impact on the whole coffee chain.

Reducing poverty

Kinti Coffee has joined hands with the coffee federation to ensure that the income of the farming community provides a proper living. As Colombia is one of the countries with the greatest income inequality in the world and Nariño is one of the poorest departments of the country. By paying a fair price, investing in knowledge, innovation and material and opening the international markets, the Dutch company is  helping to increase the growth of income in the former conflict region.

Start of DGGF TA  for Kinti coffee at embassy

More jobs

By promoting the coffee trade, new jobs are created providing a social-economic boost to the region. Kinti Coffee provides training for farmers to increase their knowledge about coffee. Coffee-drinking trends are changing in Colombia into a barista culture, which appreciates high-quality coffee. Kinti Coffee wants to contribute by training farmers to do more than just grow coffee, they help farmers take advantage of the market opportunities thus creating local jobs.

Financing growth

The Dutch Good Growth Fund assisted Kinti Coffee during the first phase of commercial trade so that the company was able to scale up more quickly. If you need assistance to secure funding, the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) can help www.dggf.nl. DGGF is a financial tool of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs aimed at entrepreneurs who want to have an impact in developing countries and upcoming markets .