MYOMY do goods launches the ultimate Fashion Revolution symbol

Today, on the fifth anniversary of the greatest disaster ever to hit the textile industry, Dutch fashion brand MYOMY do goods launched the #MyInsideoutBag during #FashionRevolution Week. The bag, a product of Bangladeshi craftsmanship, symbolises the fair fashion movement. The launch of the bag was made possible in part by a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF).

Fashion Revolution

The Fashion Revolution has its origins in the greatest disaster ever to hit the textile industry, the collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013, leaving more than 1,100 dead and over 2,000 injured. The majority of the victims were young women, who had been working for a pittance under extremely poor and unsafe working conditions. In the aftermath of the disaster, there was a global groundswell of heavy criticism of the abuses in the textile industries of countries such as Bangladesh.

Exactly one year on from the disaster, social media gave birth to the #Insideout campaign. Consumers were encouraged to wear their clothes inside out to show the "Made by" label. The resulting increase in awareness among the general public led to a desire for increased transparency and attention to international corporate social responsibility (ICSR) within the textile industry. This has resulted in the signing of the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile.


The MY INSIDEOUT BAG is a continuation of the InsideOut campaign. The bag can be used inside out to show the special “Made by” label with the name of the person who made the bag. Users of the bag support the Fashion Revolution and contribute to a better future for the textile workers involved in the bag's manufacture at the same time. These workers, mostly women from the slums of Dhaka, get to learn a trade under safe working conditions and receive a fair wage, enabling them to build a financially independent future for themselves and chase their dreams. The result is a drastic improvement in their living conditions.

MYOMY do goods first gained recognition with its MY PAPER BAG, an iconic, sustainable bag that has become ubiquitous in the Netherlands. For the MY INSIDEOUT BAG, MYOMY entered into a partnership with local manufacturer Leatherina. This was made possible by the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF). Marja Baas, founder of MYOMY do goods: "Thanks to MYOMY do goods' collaboration with, we were able to partner directly with the very best professionals, allowing the women of Dhaka the opportunity to transform themselves into Positive Icons both for the present and the future!"