#ClosingTheGap Guinea

On January 13th 2017, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and business development support service providers gathered at APIP to validate the preliminary outcomes of the #ClosingTheGap Guinea study.

Workshop #ClosingTheGap Guinea

Hosted at the Agency for the Promotion of Private Investments (APIP), local stakeholders formulated concrete solutions that should contribute to providing local entrepreneurs with a more conducive ecosystem – which includes notably a better access to financial services. Guinea is the second country of a regional study covering francophone West Africa.

Guinean entrepreneurial ecosystem

The workshop on January 13th was the opportunity to present new perspectives on the Guinean entrepreneurial ecosystem, particularly a segmentation of the Guinean SME sector. The segmentation captures for each sub-segment the characteristics of the enterprises and the barriers that hinder their growth. These are reflected upon as part of the overview of the current financial and related non-financial services offer in order to contribute to a better understanding of (systemic) problems behind the obstacles faced by the target entrepreneurs

More information

Please read the #ClosingTheGap Guinea press release (pdf) for further details.