Frisian Egg to open factory in Pakistan with DGGF funding

Frisian Egg is the first business to receive DGGF funding for doing business in a fragile country. The company is opening a processing plant for eggs in Pakistan.

Ondertekening Frisian Egg

Impact on employment

In the production hall that’s to be constructed, eggs are broken and processed into pasteurised egg products. The products are then used by parties such as industrial bakeries. The new factory will create new jobs and a lot of indirect employment for local shopkeepers, egg suppliers, transport companies and construction companies. It will also have a positive impact on food safety, professionalising the food chain, animal welfare, and the reduction of waste and loss; the eggshells will be processed into fertiliser.

Assistance with starting up

DGGF acknowledges that such an investment in Pakistan requires more than just funding, as it creates extra challenges and will need a lot of preparation. As a consequence, Technical Assistance has been given a comprising subsidy towards the initial costs, which has reduced the financial burden for investor Frisian Egg.

Having signed the contract, Frisian Egg is now active in four countries. The business already has branches in the Netherlands, Egypt and China.

Doing business in a developing country?

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