Ayursundra takes medical infrastructure in India to next level with DGGF

Dutch company Ayursundra BV is active in the healthcare sector in India. With the support of shareholders, suppliers’ credit from Philips and a DGGF loan with a value of € 8.35 million, Ayursundra will develop a medical ‘ecosystem’ in Jorhat, Assam state.

In India, only half (0.5) a hospital bed is available on average for every 1,000 inhabitants. For Assam state this number is even lower still.

To the next level

The number is extremely low when compared to other countries or regions such as China (3.3 per 1,000) or the European Union (5.3 per 1,000). Therefore, there is a need in this part of India to take healthcare and service for clients/patients to the next level.

Medical ecosystem

The medical ecosystem under development by Ayursundra includes a diagnostic centre, a hospital and specialised care centres. These medical facilities will be NABH and NABL certified.

Ayursundra’s plans for Jorhat will not only greatly contribute to healthcare in Assam state. It will also create more than 400 direct jobs.