#ClosingTheGap Togo

On March 17th 2017, entrepreneurs, representatives of financial institutions, the private sector and entrepreneurial training programs gathered to validate the preliminary outcomes of the #ClosingTheGap Togo study.

Workshop #ClosingTheGap Togo

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to network, reflect together on the main challenges faced by Togolese entrepreneurs and explore possible solutions to address those. Togo is the fourth country of a regional study covering francophone West Africa.

Togolese entrepreneurial ecosystem

The segmentation of the Togolese SME landscape draws notably from the data of the Enterprise Survey undertaken by the World Bank in 2016 with the support of DGGF and establishes six profiles of SMEs. For each profile, main characteristics of the enterprises are outlined alongside main needs and challenges faced to grow their business. These are then reflected upon as part of the overview of the current financial and related non-financial services offer to uncover gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

More information

Please read the #ClosingTheGap Togo press release (pdf) for further details