#ClosingTheGap Mekong – last stop Ventiane

The  Dutch  Good  Growth  Fund  (DGGF) partners  with  Emerging  Markets  Consulting (EMC) and Toh Lao Coworking Space  (Toh‐X) to  gather  local  stakeholders  in  Vientiane Capital,  to  discuss  new  perspectives  on  the Lao entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

On  13  July  2018,  the  local  stakeholders  from Lao’s entrepreneurial ecosystem gathered at a workshop  in  Vientiane  Capital  to  share  their appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of  the  ecosystem  and  elaborate  together potential  solutions  to  contribute  to  a  more conducive  operating  environment  for  local entrepreneurs  and  their  businesses.  Over  40 representatives  from  financial  institutions, business  associations,  development organisations,  business  support  service providers,  educators,  corporates  and entrepreneurs took part in the event.  

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