DGGF - Financing Local SMEs - launches impact report!

Since 2014, the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) – Financing Local SMEs – has been a driver of improved access to finance for local entrepreneurs and enabling entrepreneurship in frontier markets.

Today, DGGF – Financing Local SMEs – launches its impact report: 'Enabling entrepreneurship in frontier markets'. Inspiring case stories of local entrepreneurs demonstrate the positive impact of DGGF’s contribution to date.  

DGGF report - Enabling entrepreneurship in frontier markets

Enabling entrepreneurship in frontier markets

DGGF – Financing Local SMEs – applies a unique ecosystem approach, which combines investments with capacity building and ecosystem support initiatives to support local entrepreneurs. In those five years, DGGF – Financing local SMEs - has been able to create a positive impact in 60 countries by, amongst others, supporting 33,316 jobs and financing more than 4,500 SMEs through its support to local finance providers.

Do you want to know more about how DGGF’s unique approach is creating impact for young and female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in fragile states? You can read various inspiring case stories of entrepreneurs that were able to succeed thanks to the support of DGGF’s investment in the impact report 'Enabling entrepreneurship in frontier markets'.