Dutch Startup will pitch for the UN in New York about the Black Soldier Fly larvae

In 2018, Marula Agribusiness received support from DGGF Technical Assistance to grow Black Soldier Fly larvae in Uganda for a year. Now 10 months later Marula works under the name ProTeen. They are going to pitch at the United Nations in New York in the chance of winning $ 1 million in start-up capital to realize and scale their enterprise.

Kweken black solder fly larve

Larvae? Yes!

When Tommie Hooft van Huysduynen went to Uganda 3 years ago for a consulting project to integrate youth into agriculture, he soon noticed that many farmers no longer kept chickens due to a shortage of affordable animal food. In Uganda alone there are 30 million farmers who urgently need a alternative to feed their chickens, pigs and fish. Now he breeds the Black Soldier Fly larvae and turns organic waste into sustainable protein for animal feed.

ProTeen circular

Pitch for Bill Clinton

Last summer Tommie, together with the 2 other directors, Ludivine and Allessandra, participated in Hult prize.  A 5-week accelerator program with the ultimate goal of pitching at the United Nations in New York. Of the 250,000 participants worldwide, ProTeen is now 1 of the last 6 participants. Saturday, 14th of September 2019, they will have the opportunity to convince the jury, including Bill Clinton, of the businesscase of ProTeen. The theme of the Hult prize this year is: "For us, through us: creating 10,000 meaningful jobs for young people around the world."

Positive impact offers young people a future

Thanks to support from DGGF, ProTeen can now show that they are making a positive impact. Not only do they offer young people a future by creating many jobs, but farmers can also keep their chickens and a vital food source will remain for the population.

Do it yourself-kits

Their strategy for the future is on the one hand, selling 'Do It Yourself-kits' to farmers who can then grow larvae themselves and feed them to their animals. On the other hand they will start 'city farms' where young people from the cities can work and where they can use the organic waste from the city as a source to feed the larvae. Providing a circular solution, and making farming more profitable throughout Africa.

The Dutch Good Growth Fund

The Dutch government encourages businesses to share their knowledge and skills with developing countries. The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) helps Dutch entrepreneurs set up businesses in developing countries and emerging markets by providing them with funding or insurance against credit risks. Uganada is one of the countries that is eligible for DGGF funding for Dutch entrepreneurs.

Do you also have international ambitions? Read more about the Dutch Good Growth Fund and the DGGF Country List.

Do you want to know more about ProTeen and their story? Take a look at their website We are ProTeen.