DGGF launches new report 'Closing the Gaps'

Small and growing businesses (SGBs) are critical for driving inclusive growth in emerging markets. In October 2018, a study on enterprise segmentation was published. Discover 5 approaches to financing emerging-market SGBs in a new report commissioned by the DGGF alongside the Omidyar Network, Argidius Foundation and Small Foundation under the Collaborative for Frontier Finance.

Closing the gaps - Finance pathways for serving the missing middles

Small and growing businesses

SGBs are crucial actors for driving inclusive growth in emerging markets. Not only are these businesses found in all sectors of the economy, but they also employ and target many underserved markets that larger businesses either cannot serve or overlook. SGBs have a diverse range of business models and a diverse range of unmet financing needs.

Providing Finance to SGBs

The report 'Closing the Gaps - Finance Pathways for Serving the Missing Middles' identifies alternative approaches or pathways for providing finance that meet the diverse needs of each SGB segment and investor. It also highlights critical actions that ecosystem stakeholders can take to help support these approaches as well as newly emerging ones that together can help fill the financing gaps within each SGB segment.