COVID-19 and environmental, social and governance matters (ESG)

Due to COVID-19, we are facing big challenges. For example, in the way we deal with environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

The DGGF ESG Expert team has created guidelines to help the DGGF portfolio address COVID-related ESG risks. These have been developed to answer the most commonly asked questions about ESG and COVID-19.

DGGF ESG Guidelines COVID-19
Image: ©Dutch Good Growth Fund

ESG guidance

Two guideline documents have been created:
1. ESG Guidelines (pdf) for IFs invested in SMEs that cannot guarantee business continuity and will have to deal with lay-offs and potential bankruptcy. It is important that your SMEs follow international standards and best practices when making these critical decisions.
2. ESG Guidelines (pdf) for IFs invested in SMEs that face increased operational pressures. This includes examples of how SMEs can manage risks. Risks range from occupational and customer health and safety to pollution abatement and business integrity issues.


We recognise the huge impact this crisis could have on SMEs. We hope these notes can offer some support in dealing with ESG and business challenges in a responsible way.

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