Creating impact in frontier markets

Since the launch of DGGF 'Financing local SMEs' in 2014, the fund has had a positive impact for entrepreneurs in over 60 countries. At DGGF, we believe there is talent in every corner of the world, waiting for the chance to reach its potential. However, entrepreneurs in frontier markets often face financing constraints locally.  

This is where DGGF helps. We aim to fill the finance gap known as the missing middle by financing funds that then finance promising SMEs. To create a more inclusive tomorrow, we invest in the talents of today. We know such a future lies in the hands of the youth, female entrepreneurs and talents in fragile states. Committed to nurturing entrepreneurial talent, DGGF provides seed capital and invests in incubation hubs. This helps stimulate a productive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our efforts have resulted in supporting over 33,000 jobs and creating over 6,500. We also financed more than 4,500 SMEs through local funds or financial intermediaries between 2014 and 2019. Do you want to know more about how our unique approach is making an impact?  

Watch our video to get an impression:

Credits: Makmende Media